Kona I will strive to increase corporate value and
increase shareholder value.

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Stock Price 12,550
  • 52Weeks(KRE) High(KRE)
  • Low(KRE) 9,020
  • Net Change(KRE)
  • Change(KRE)
  • Transactions(KRE)
Open(KRE) High(KRE) Low(KRE) PER
Shares Outstanding Upper Limit Lower Limit Par Value
Sale Valance Quotation Purchase Balance
Time Price(KRW) Net Change(KRE) Asked Price(KRW) Bid Price(KRW) Purchase Balance
Date Closing Price(KRW) Net Change(KRE) Open(KRE) High(KRE) Low(KRE) Volume(KRW) Transactions(KRE)

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