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From smart cards to platforms,
Kona I continues to innovate.


Kona I pursues innovation to enhance your daily life,
making your life more convenient and smart.

Kona I provide optimized local currency service
for residents and small businesses.


Our Business

Smart Card &

Smart Card & COS : Bankingf, Do N Card,
KONA Platform, Card, Telecom, Multi USIM


Fin-Tech : KONA payment platform,
KONA Card, Local currency,
KONA benefits card & gift card

Security &

Security & Authentication : Public / ID,
CPS / SCMS / TSM, K-CSS, KONA Authentication, FIDO U2F, PKI


IoT & Platform : Kona DM & FOTA, HOME IoT, Kona Things Platform

Kona I’s Digital History
Kona I Write a history of
digital signatures

Since the invention of paper, printing technology has made great contributions
to the development of humanity As long as semiconductors exist, Kona I's
encryption technology will enable constant innovation and help overcome
challenge in our lives.

  • Investment Information 12,550 150 (+1.21%)
  • KONA I Changing the landscape
    of the payment market
  • Career
  • 2017 Kona I
  • Kona I, IC operating system on cacao bank check card …
  • Center of card design
    KONA Design Lab
  • 2017 MWC Shanghai
    Meaningful achievements

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