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  • Employee’s Welfare Point System

    Kona I supports its employees to choose welfare activities they want such as travel, cultural events, sports and others through the Employees’ Welfare Point System.

  • Mentoring Program

    Kona I runs a Mentoring Program in order to activate the upper and the lower sides communication and improve employees’ loyalty to the company by sharing corporate culture as well as values.

  • Resort Condo

    Kona I provides its employees condo membership (Hanhwain Resort-family room; 5 persons/room) so that all the employees can enjoy healthy and pleasant holidays with their family members (spouse, children, parents, brothers & sisters, parents-in-law, brothers and sisters-in-law).

  • Support for Corporate Club Activities

    Kona I provides financial support to its corporate clubs for their activities. All the employees can enjoy their lives at work through various activities and promote friendship with their co-workers. Ex) Football Club, Climbing & Ski Clubs, etc.

  • In-house Recommendation Scheme

    Kona I runs an In-house Recommendation Scheme so as to secure an outstanding workforce. Kona I employees are able not only to provide a valuable opportunity to their friends and acquaintances, but also to receive a reward if this recommended person is hired by the company.

  • Congratulatory Donation for Employee’s Birthday Celebration

    Kona I provides a gift coupon worth KRW 100,000 for the birthday of its employees and their spouses.

  • Congratulations and Condolences Program

    Kona I gives a money gift to its employees for their happy occasions as well as condolence money as part of an effort to share their happiness and sadness as one big family.

  • Support for Educational Expenses for Children

    Kona I gets children education insurances and funds for the children of its employees.

  • Retirement Pension

    Kona I holds a retirement pension scheme in order to protect and manage better its employees’ severance pay.

  • Reward for Excellent Employee

    Kona I gives a reward to a model employee who shows good work performance and whose deed serves as an example for others.

  • Reward for Long-term Employed Person

    Kona I rewards long-term employees for their services which have been the basis for the company’s growth.

  • Child education insurance support

    For our employees' children (ages 0 ~ 19), Kona I support a monthly education premium of about KRW 100,000 for each child regardless of the number of children.

  • Special Breakfast

    Kona I provides fresh and delicious breads every morning to its employees who come to work early.

  • Four(4) Insurances

    Kona I joins four(4) insurances (national pension, employment insurance, medical insurance and workers’ compensation insurance), working for its employees’ welfare.