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Kona I is an IT corporation that provides total solutions and platforms to the global Fintech market.
Since 2004, Kona I has supplied the IC Chips to the telecommunications industry, banking industry and governments using its proprietary
Kona chip operating system (OS), and is expanding its business areas to provide platform solutions such as payment platform, local
community platform, blockchain platform, data platform, and IoT platform.

Kona I Vision

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  • 1998


    Since its foundation on March 11th, 1988, Kona I has experienced continuous growth.

  • 90

    Expanding country

    Kona I is the No. 1 IC Chip supplier of card issuers in the domestic market, and also supplies clients 90 countries.

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    Product certification

    We own about 100 product certifications and field certifications for VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX and many more, providing products and services tailored to the needs of our customers.

Factory Scale

8,682 Plottage(m²) 9,372 Area of factory(m²)

Production Capacity

Chip card

Capacity per hour Monthly capacity Yearly capacity Remarks
Contact 9,000 3,960,000 47,520,000 Based on 3 embedded machines, daytime/nighttime(20H)
Dual Interface 3,600 1,584,000 19,008,000 based on 4 combi machines, daytime/nighttime(20H)

General card

Capacity per hour Monthly capacity Yearly capacity Remarks
MS/RF Card 21,600 4,752,000 57,024,000 Daytime work(10H)

Electronic card

Capacity per hour Monthly capacity Yearly capacity Remarks
Finger Print Card
1,500 660,000 7,920,000 Daytime/nighttime work(20H)

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