Kona I's Digital History

Kona I, Writing Digital History


Innovation of Kona I's IT           
technology continues

Since the invention of paper, printing technology has made great contributions to the development of humanity.
As long as semiconductors exist, Kona I's encryption technology will
enable constant innovation and help overcome challenges in our lives.

Is your information’s security an important to you?

Are you concerned about unauthorized access to your devices?

The need for a way for secure access and identification is not limited to Credit Cards and Smartphones.

Now, everything from cards to the lights in your house to even your house appliances
can be controlled remotely, but with this increased convenience comes the
need to be able to identify yourself to protect your devices from break-ins
and unauthorized access.

Expansion of Kona I’s Business Areas

In the near-future, identification and device security will be an undeniable necessity.
As long as IT technology continues to advance,
so will Kona I’s business and relevance.