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Kona I Write a history of digital signatures


Innovation of Kona I's IT technology continues

Since the invention of paper, printing technology has made a great contribution to development and history for a long time.
As long as semiconductors exist, Kona I's encryption technology will enable constant innovation and challenge in our lives.

Do you want to keep your information secure?

Do not you want anyone to be able to access and adjust to your things?

Individual identification is not required for credit cards or smartphones only.

Now, everyday household appliances such as automobiles, lights, washing machines and vacuum cleaners can not be accessed by other people through identifiation.
You will be able to keep your valuable information safe.

Expansion of business area of Kona I

In the coming days, all information and objects can not be safe without identification.
Therefore, as long as IT technology exists, Kona I's business area will continue to expand.