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CEO Message

Since established in 1998, Kona I has contributed to creating a smart world with its information communication technology.A lot of people from home and abroad are enjoying the smart world, using transportation card system, digital money, mobile commerce system and smart card platform developed by Kona I.

Kona I has never stopped making an investment in its future even though the future was uncertain as the company was founded in the aftermath of the financial crisis in 1997. By doing so, we could turn crisis into opportunity. Not only did we adapt to changes, but also we did our very best to lead them in the fast-changing IT industry

Kona I has grown as a multinational company, establishing overseas corporations and R&D centers in various countries such as the US, China and India and hiring a variety of nationalities as its employees. Its products and solutions are exported to more than 90 countries and the company is competing with major market players, showing its power of growth.

In the future, Kona I will strengthen its position as a global leader in our businesses, We will grow into a global platform provider that provides total solutions related to Fin-Tech to the global market.

The IT environment is really changing. In that rapid change, Kona I is not comfortable with the present, We will become a company that will lead change. In addition, we will constantly challenge to create new values with passion that leads the age.

Thank you for your interest and encouragement.


We constantly challenge to create new value for the passion and the ambition leading the times.

Kona I Co., Ltd.

CEO, Cho Jung-il