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Data platform is a data infrastructure platform that can integrate
and operate various types of public data and private data
such as cards and finance.

It provides more than 30,000 attributes data in 149 categories in 16 fields,
including industry, national land, culture, and administration, 150 GIS (spatial data) data
in 4 fields, and 3 kinds of financial data.
Features of Data Platform
  • Diversity

    It holds a variety of data, including public,
    private, and spatial data.

  • Convenience

    It is based on HTML5 and provides
    an interactive UX that can be used anywhere
    such as mobile, PC, and tablet.

  • Value

    It can be used without data expertise
    through data visualization, and it reproduces
    and provides new value-added data.

  • Usability

    It offers open AP and source data
    download for real-time data provision.

Data Platform-Based Service
Space-based information service

It offers a service that makes it easy and convenient to use various real estate
data and commercial data built on the platform.

It provides basic information, transaction information, price information, and additional information
closely related to real life, focusing on maps, and provides additional information such as surrounding
floating population, shopping mall, and distribution of business types, focusing on commercial maps,
thereby enhancing the value of information and being used as a basis for comprehensive value judgment.

Real estate valuation service

It is a service that allows anyone to easily and conveniently check the value of real estate
by systematizing various data and evidence to evaluate the value of real estate.

It produces a value evaluation index that reflects various characteristics affecting real estate values
such as market-oriented value and social, environmental, and educational environment,
and provides a basis for more reasonable real estate value calculation and value judgment.

BIM-based spatial design service

It is a service that provides the new building owner with an environment
to promote the building without a real estate agent, and provides the tenant with real-time information
on the pre-sale information of the new building and the time of the move. Therefore, it is a service
that provides convenience to both real estate landlords and tenants.

This allows users to identify pre-sale and rental information of new buildings online in advance,
and minimizes the time and effort to check the items before pre-sale and rental by providing
the residential and utilization spaces in 3D stereoscopic spaces to allow simulation.
So it provides the basis for increasing the success rate of real estate transactions.