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Kona benefits card

The KONA benefits card helps companies easily and
conveniently operate their benefit systems.

It integrates benefit malls and benefit cards into one system based on the KONA payment platform,
providing a simpler and more expansive range of services.
  • Wage and expense-
    related payments

    Efficient management of the
    details of use, operational statistics,
    settlements etc., of wage/
    expense-related spending

  • Cash for individuals
    and benefit points

    Employees can conveniently use
    the cards online and offline by
    separating their personal
    use from business use.

  • Design encapsulating
    your corporate identity

    Creates a sense of belonging for
    employees through cards designed
    to embrace the unique colors, logo,
    and style of each company

  • Benefit mall geared towards
    the needs of employees

    Provide diverse benefit content
    and services that are specifically
    selected to suit each age,
    position,and personal lifestyle,
    not just one singular benefit mall

Strengths of KONA benefit Card

A single card to be used
from punching in till
punching out,
anytime, anywhere

With a single KONA benefit card, employees can
conveniently access company premises, use public
transportation, and make on or offline payments without
filing an application for deductions, and corporate
administrators can conveniently manage the usage
status of various benefit points through the admin portal

Both offline and online benefits
provided simultaneously

Online benefit malls offer a variety of benefits that suit the needs of
employees at each company, while offline member shops offer a wide
array of discounts available through KONA cards.

Tailored benefits
for each company

The card encapsulates each company's identity
to enhance the corporate brand value, and affiliated
discounts can also be provided at restaurants and
cafés that are frequently visited nearby
the company's office.

Convenient handling of
personal and corporate expenses

Administrators can access the admin portal for KONA benefit
cards to manage benefit cards and assign points, and they
can leverage the usage status and operational statistics to improve
satisfaction with their employee benefit systems.

Individual tax deductions (30% deduction) for using benefit points
and corporate expenses can be handled separately.

Provides tailored
benefit consultations
for each company

During initial consultation, we provide customized
consulting to maximize satisfaction with a limited
budget through analysis of your benefits situation.
The consultation can help companies design more
robust benefits systems.

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This service allows you to experience the ease of use of the KONA card by creating an admin portal account and using some of the benefit points.

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