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Kona Payment Platform provides all payment services
of international standards (EMV).

The KONA payment platform is an integrated marketing platform
that combines payment systems with marketing services for customer relations.
Each service provider can design a card service to best suit its purposes.
  • 01 Local currency for regional economic revitalization For local governments that want to help small business owners and revitalize the local economy through local currency that is used only in the region
  • 02 Desired payment product configuration For companies that want to maximize marketing efficiency by combining various benefits with cards
  • 03 Welfare card without restrictions on use For companies that want to create welfare cards that can be used both online and offline in connection with corporate welfare shopping malls
  • 04 Corporate card service customized for each company For companies that want to enjoy various benefits without corporate expenses and annual fees
  • 05 Card with corporate identity For companies that want to increase their loyal customers by creating a brand membership card or gift card
Introduction of KONA Payment Platform
Various additional services

KONA I provides applications that link various additional services with payment services based on its own developed IC chip operating system (COS). In addition, it has card production plants in Gimpo and Jincheon, as well as its own design group, so it is possible to produce and supply cards with designs and materials desired by customers.

Flexible payment service platform

The KONA Payment Platform consists of card service apps for actual card users and a back-end system that enables card issuance, approval and settlement. It allows not only IC card payment, but also QR, NFC, barcode and mobile payment, and account transfer/credit card/point recharge. In addition, it is possible to conveniently manage the card usage status through the provided ADMIN system.

Custom card product configuration

In the case of the KONA payment platform, you can select the usage destination nationwide or a specific region, and you can choose various ways of benefits. In addition, the service provider can freely set the types and limits of benefits according to the card usage results and organize them into the desired card products. In addition, the Kona card offers its own basic benefits, special benefits, regular benefits, and regional benefits, which can increase the competitiveness of card products.

Data provision

It provides the data that customers need, using AI deep learning technology based on customer payment data. Customers' gender/age/user/card payment information can be used to maximize the marketing efficiency of each service provider.


Corporate partners

  • All One Bank KONA NH Bank
  • H-ear Membership Hyundai Motor
  • Acuon Membership Acuon Capital
  • SKT ‘0’ SK Telecom

Public institution partners

Incheon e-EUM Incheon Metropolitan
SUNBEE Tour Card Gyeongsangbuk-do
Culture and
Tourism Organization
Namdo Pass Jeollanam-do Office,
Gwangju Metropolitan
Yangsan Love Card Yangsan
Gyeonggi Gyeonggi-do
Ebagu Pay Dong-gu, Busan
Daedeok e-roeum Daedeok-gu, Daejeon

KONA Platform Standards

The KONA platform offers a high level of global versatility and security as it accommodates
a vast range of international standards from major international institutions.

  • EMV Contactless IC Card Mobile Tokenization
  • VISA Contactless Cloud Based
    Security Guidelines for
    Digital Solutions
  • MASTER card M/Chip Cloud-based Payments
    Authorization Mobile
  • Others ISO8583 Global Platform