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KONA Local Community Platform provides the best local currency service
to revitalize the local economy.

Local currency is a policy that each local government is promoting to support small business owners and revitalize the local economy.
The KONA Local Community Platform is the most suitable platform for local currency as it provides opportunities
for small business owners to promote affiliate stores through the platform,
and provides flexible benefits to local residents according to the situation of each province.
What is local currency?
Local currency is a currency created based on consensus among community members, and can only be paid within the region.

It can prevent the outflow of capital to outside regions, which not only stimulates local consumption, but also has the effect of circulating the local economy.

IC card type local currency based on mobile app

KONA I operates card-type local currency platforms of 56 local governments across the country, including Incheon e-EUM, the first card-type local currency in Korea.

Benefits for Small Businesses
  • Increase in Local
    Consumption and Sales

    As the payment and benefits are available only within the region, it naturally leads to increased sales for small businesses in the region.

  • Use of Existing Payment Infrastructure

    Since the KONA Local Community Platform is compatible with the existing payment infrastructure, affiliate stores can use it as it is without the need to change the payment infrastructure.

  • Promotional Marketing through the App

    The app offers benefits such as message sending, discounts, cashbacks, coupons, and e-shopping malls to residents using local currency, maximizing the promotional effect of affiliated stores.

Benefits for Users (Local Residents)
  • Various Benefits

    Each local government offers its own benefits, and each franchise offers a variety of discounts/cashback benefits, so users will benefit more than using general credit or check cards.

  • High Tax Deduction Rate

    It provides users with real benefits through a 30% tax deduction rate higher than a regular credit card.

  • Increased Usability Based on App

    Anyone aged 14 or older can apply for non-face-to-face card issuance through the mobile app, and can check the details of simple charging and use in real time.


Examples of KONA I Local Currency Platform Operation

Incheon e-EUM Incheon Metropolitan
SUNBEE Tour Card Gyeongsangbuk-do
Culture and
Tourism Organization
Namdo Pass Jeollanam-do Office,
Gwangju Metropolitan
Yangsan Love Card Yangsan
Gyeonggi Gyeonggi-do
Ebagu Pay Dong-gu, Busan
Daedeok e-roeum Daedeok-gu, Daejeon