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Monthly updated benefits

KONA card is a reloadable card that can be refilled
with any desired amount of funding through
connections with frequently used bank accounts
that are freely used both online and offline across
the country.

Once the KONA app is downloaded and the card is
registered on the app, various brand discounts and
cashback rewards, as well as the same 30% tax
eduction benefits as debit cards, will all be provided
without any annual fees.

Strengths of the KONA Card

Dynamic benefits
without any annual fees!

Immediate discounts and cashback benefits are
available after an on-site payment, without the
need to wait for the bill to arrive.

  • 1

    Basic benefits with no limits on
    the usage frequency or spending

    Unlimited benefits even for as
    little as KRW 100 of spending

    0.2% cashback
    for every payment
    Up to
  • 2

    Special benefits for those who
    satisfy the VIP requirements

    Benefits provided for customers who
    spent KRW 200,000 in the previous
    month or who added KRW 200,000
    in the current month

    Up to
    Up to
  • 3

    Customer loyalty benefits
    earned on every visit

    3% cashback for stores registered as
    frequently visited places

    At frequently
    visited shops
    3% cashback provided
  • 4

    Regional benefits at member
    discount stores around me

    Up to 10% off at local
    discount stores nationwide

    Up to

Easy to
issue and use

The card can be issued through the KONA card app
without the hassle of visiting a bank and opening an account

Easy and convenient payment is available online as well as
offline nationwide at shops where IC payment is accepted.

KONA Card's variety of
easy-to-use features and benefits

Remittance with no fees at anytime, anywhere
KONA card members can freely transfer the remaining
balance on their cards
An automatic reloading feature for a set amount on
any desired date A card that is loaded with available funds without
having to check the balance for each payment.
30% tax deduction benefit, same as debit cards for end-of-the-year
settlements. A 30% tax deduction is offered after a one-time user
Loss reporting feature that keeps you secure even after losing your card
The balance on a registered card can be protected and returned
even after the card has been lost

A card selected to
suit your style!

Users can choose a design or color for their card that
best suits their own style, rather than having to use the one
provided by a card company.

Users can express themselves and
their personal style with their own custom card design that can
be found nowhere else.