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the card to you

Discover customized gift certificates presented by various brands through KONA Card!
Kona I, an expert in safe payment and authentication solutions,
has created a card program for brands and customers alike by connecting the two.

Discover members-only benefits at your favorite stores,
one-time vouchers for new attempts and experiences,
and gift cards through which you can express your gratitude
and congratulation to close acquaintances through KONA Card!
  • One-time voucher

    • For early adopters who have infinite amount of interest and curiosity in anything hot and new
  • Bundle voucher

    • For those with clear preferences who are satisfied only after they see anything through
  • Member voucher

    • For those who feel any collection or accumulation is burdensome while looking for simple but definite benefits
  • Gift cards

    • For a special someone on a special day

Features of KONA Card