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KONA affiliate card

Create the one and only card for your brand!

The KONA payment platform not only allows its partners to build their own payment system with minimal time and cost investment,
but it also boosts the services of its partners with a variety of reward programs, and captures the brand identity of affiliated cards.
  • Anyone who wants to create
    membership cards for
    their own brand

  • Anyone who wants to expand
    the benefits of their platform
    (coupons or points) for nationwide

  • Anyone who wants to optimize
    new promotions and retention
    through payment date-based
    CRM analysis.

  • Anyone who wants to use a platform
    that makes it convenient to
    provide incentives,
    customer rewards, etc.

KONA affiliate card

Provides a payment
infrastructure optimized
for partner services

Without designing a separate system, desired places
of use can be designated through the open KONA
payment solution for using KONA affiliated cards.
This reduces the cost and time to build your own
infrastructure, while members can enjoy more convenient
payment services through increased places of use

Design flexible benefits
based on customer needs

The KONA card is a prepaid electronic payment means that
provides benefits that are more flexible than credit or
debit cards. Choose a season, day, time, and more to help
you boost your service. Furthermore, the benefits can be
provided in various ways through discounts, points, coupons,
or many others

a partner-friendly
management platform

The data of members who use KONA affiliate
cards can be accessed and monitored, and the
provision and management of real-time rewards is
also possible. Member shops provide payment
details in real time.

Card design that encapsulates
the partner's identity

Based on more than 20 years of expertise in card design,
the KONA card offers designs that best represent the identity
of its partners. This card will be the best way to promote your
brand as it not only excels at increasing member loyalty
but also allows the DIY designs of members.

Analysis and provision
of customer CRM data
for each partner

CRM analysis will be available through member
and payment data on provision of the KONA
payment service to the partner's card. Various
data analyses actualize more accurate, segmented
marketing, and even improve the value provided
to the customer.


Allow us to introduce KONA affiliate cards.

KONA affiliate cards can add payment services to the partner's membership management system to actively bring in new members
to the platform. Membership cards and platform points can be added to the card to be used online and offline,
as payment cards and incentives for salespeople, and as gift cards

Are you still undecided about adopting the KONA card?

See a selection of KONA affiliate card's services in many different forms.

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