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Only platform in the World that provides
local currency-linked additional services

The KONA Local Community Platform is designed in a structure that can link all IT services based on payment services,
so it can link various additional services required by local residents
such as online shopping malls and delivery services.
Laying the foundation for local currency and local economy activation
by linking various additional services
  • Synergy Effect with Local Currency

    Local currency platforms allow payment in local currency, and user incentive policies such as cashback provided by local governments have been added, creating positive synergy to vitalize the local economy.

  • Small Business Support

    Fees for service platforms such as entry fees, brokerage fees, and advertising costs are minimized. It supports marketing activities through store promotion and issuance of discount coupons through the app without big capital.

  • Various User Benefits

    It provides a variety of benefits, such as store discounts, coupon issuance and event progress. It also has excellent usability as the service can be used within the local currency app.

Case of Local Currency-linked Additional Services
Public delivery service

We launched a public delivery service based on local currency platform in Incheon Seo-gu for the first time in Korea. The number of users is exploding due to the synergy effect of local currency added to user-friendly functions and professional service operation.

Online shopping mall

The KONA local community platform provides an online shopping mall where you can purchase local agricultural products and industrial products. KONA I supports all product branding, sales, and distribution to promote mutual growth with local small business owners.

Donation service

We have combined the donation function with the local currency platform so that the cashback accumulated as a benefit of using local currency can be used to help neighbors in need. Anyone can easily contribute to donation by pressing the ‘Donate’ button after reading the story in need of help.

Voting & Survey service

We provides voting services through KONACHAIN which is the KONA I’s blockchain platform. Based on the blockchain technology, users can freely express their opinions without worrying about personal information exposure. Everybody can easily create an agenda through the app and use a variety of services such as surveys, polls, and shareholders' meeting services.

Healthcare service

Using AI technology, we provide a comprehensive healthcare platform service from health status identification, disease information provision, medical service recommendation and connection to local hospitals.It’s helpful to protect the health of local residents and provide a channel for generating revenue through targeted marketing and attracting local residents to local hospitals.

Real Estate Valuation Service

It provides information on the present and future value of real estate based on AI technology. AI analyzes various variables such as actual transaction price, land and building characteristics, and surrounding environment to provide real estate value information.

Spatial information service

It is a service that provides all information that can be expressed in space as spatial information. It provides local community information such as startups, real estate, disaster safety, health, education, welfare, and economy as spatial information to local residents. For affiliated stores, sales-related indicators such as commercial districts, specialized streets, and government subsidiary businesses are provided.

Space design service

It is a service that provides 3D spatial design based on BIM (Bilding Information Modeling), and it helps to create the optimal interior by realizing residential and office spaces in 3D and applying various interior elements before moving in. It minimizes the time and effort to check items before selling and renting, and increases the success rate of real estate transactions, providing a foundation for mutual growth for both consumers and suppliers.

Marketing service

We provide discount coupons and store promotion services to small business owners through marketing platforms linked to local currency platforms. Local currency benefits provided by local governments are added to the benefits provided by franchisees to increase user satisfaction, and small business owners can conduct marketing activities without large-scale capital, realizing win-win development in local communities.

Electronic certificate distribution service

It is a service that maximizes user convenience by providing a mobile-based electronic certificate distribution service to local community platform users. We provide issuance, inquiry, and submission services of various certificates issued by government, public organizations, university, association and private companies.

Mobility service

With a local currency-based mobility service platform, you can conveniently and safely use local taxis and easily pay for taxis in local currency. By applying the latest matching technology between taxi drivers and users, taxi drivers can secure more passengers and increase profits, and local residents can use convenient taxi services.