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KONA PLATFORM is a card payment platform
that contains Kona I's unique smart card security technology and know-how.

Following EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa), an international payment standard,
it offers a payment service for any business owners who wish to be issued with digital currency to safely and
independently use without having to go through a financial institution.
Through KONA PLATFORM, a variety of mobile cards and IC cards to which pre-payment programs are applied may be issued including memberships,
season vouchers, tickets, discount tickets, etc. Use an integrated payment service related to card usage on a single platform
from issuance of cards to approval and settlement of transactions.
Customer services
  • KONA Card app
    • - Mobile card purchase and charging
    • - Gifts
    • Browsing transaction history
  • IC cards and wearable devices enabling payments and entry
  • Points, stamps and coupons in association with added service cards
Business Advantages
  • Manufacturing and design of IC cards
  • Partner websites
    • - Become a merchant
    • - Apply for card issuance
    • - Browse transaction and settlement history
    • Issue and manage added services (points, stamps, coupons)
  • Points, stamps, coupons associated with additional service cards

Prepaid Program

Kona I offers pre-payment consulting tailored to each business owner.
Design your marketing and customer management programs utilizing the card with our payment experts.

Membership Registration

  • Loyal customer management
  • A program provided to customers with a high revisit rate, which enables effective marketing
  • Effective targeting advertisement utilizing customer data
Examples of use
  • Yearly memberships / season vouchers (hotels, fitness centers, resorts, ski resorts, theme parks)
  • Membership adjustment/deduction type (nail shops, massage shops, beauty salons)
Business Advantages
  • Prevent illegal use by others
  • Integrated operation of added services (points, stamps, coupons) combined with membership cards
  • Target marketing utilizing customer data
  • Reduced operating cost
User Advantages
  • Alternative to damage/non-possession of membership cards (convenience)
  • Mobile membership card
  • Differentiated benefits offered depending on pre-paid amounts
  • Exclusive benefits for members only
  • Brand affiliation

Usage Vouchers

  • Attract new customers
  • Exclusive products such as special discount promotions, exclusive contents, discount coupons, etc., to facilitate influx of new customers
Examples of use
  • Usage vouchers (admission for movies, concerts, performances, tickets, etc.)
  • Exchange tickets (passes, vouchers and other service/product exchanges)
Business Advantages
  • No liability for pre-paid expenses
  • Security: preventing piracy
  • Transparency in settlement
User Advantages
  • Protecting pre-paid expenses for customers: possible to get a refund for remaining balance even after a business owner's bankruptcy
  • No risk of loss

Pre-Paid Card

  • Create additional revenue stream
  • Possible to create additional revenue through introduction of new business model
Examples of use
  • Prepaid cards (rechargeable)
  • Product vouchers/gift cards (fixed-amount, pre-paid card that cannot be recharged)
Business Advantages
  • Controlling company expenses: possible to be used within the limit of fixed amount
  • Increased customer usage and frequency of visits through pre-paid expenses
User Advantages
  • Convenience in use
  • Gift card design suitable for each gift-giving situation


KONA PLATFORM comprises issuance, approval and settlement systems needed for card usage.
By adopting various global standards of major international agencies, it boasts high security and compatibility with existing payment infrastructure.

    • Issues HCE-based mobile cards through app
    • Issues IC cards through issuance center
    • Approves after authenticating tokenized virtual mobile card number
    • Authenticates encrypted transaction settlement
    • Settlements of merchants
    • Provides list of transactions and settlement history
    • Utilizes in various marketing activities by accumulating data in transactions

KONA PAYMENT Platform Standard Compliance

Kona Payment Platform presents a world-class usability and security with its compliance with many global standards.

  • EMVCo


    • Contactless IC Card
    • Mobile Tokenization
  • visa


    • Contactless Cloud Based Pay-
    • Security Guidelines for Digital
  • mastercard

    MASTER card

    • M/Chip
    • Cloud-based Payments Autho-
      rization Mobile
  • ISO


    • ISO8583
    • Global Platform