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KONA I supplies security modules with KONA I's Chip OS and Applet
to card manufacturers and issuers around the world.

Metal Card

It is a card that emphasizes prestige and dignity of the card owner by using real metal.

KONA I owns core technologies in the production of metal cards such as chip embedding, MS transcription, or surface printing, providing excellent quality.

  • 01It is suitable for VIP card design, completely differentiated from typical cards by using real metal.
  • 02It is possible to adjust the strength of the card by using various metals such as stainless steel and super titanium, and the weight can be adjusted by selecting full metal or half metal.
Eco-friendly Card

It is a card made of FSC COC-certified Finnish birch, and you can feel the unique texture of natural wood.

It is the first product launched by KONA I, and is a popular product that has been steadily attracting attention both at home and abroad.

  • 01It is manufactured by thinly processing solid wood and combining it with PVC, Ecozen sheet or metal material.
  • 02It is a natural wooden card that meets the physical characteristics of the ISO standard.
  • 03Not only contact, but also contactless and dual interface cards are available.
Gold Card

The gold used on the card is guaranteed to be 100% repurchased.

It is a premium card with 999.9% pure gold and durable metal.

  • 01Through more than 40 precise processes, we have realized a design with the unique luxury of gold and the delicate details of the metal plate.
  • 02It is a classy gift with a luxurious card package.
LED Card

It is a card that lights up a light-emitting diode (LED) through the NFC magnetic field. It can produce various lights with front and side light, and it has high durability and intense light even without a battery.

It is an innovative card optimized for brand marketing by providing a customized design for customers with a luxurious and mysterious LED.

  • 01Depending on the design, it is possible to select either front light or side light.
  • 02Unlike battery methods with limitations of validity period, battery is not required by using inductive pressure supply method.
Leather Card

This is a card that reproduces the feeling and texture of leather such as crocodiles, ostriches, snakes, or sheepskin using special ink.

Due to the luxurious and trendy design of leather, it is loved by consumers who want a unique card.

  • 01It added an eco-friendly leather feel to the existing plastic card to realize various leather patterns.
  • 02For the unique soft feel of leather, UV + natural drying method is applied instead of immediate drying method.
  • 03We have a joint patent with KB Kookmin Card.
Shell Card

It is a card using mother-of-pearl that has been traditionally used for high-end decorations such as oriental imperial accessories.

The pearls were processed considering the thickness and design of the card, and the domestic mother-of-pearl with excellent craft value maximized the classical beauty and elegance.

  • 01Natural mother-of-pearl, which is not common on cards, is used, and has a special product composition function.
  • 02KONA I has own technology to thinly process natural mother-of-pearl.
  • 03It takes a lot of processing time depending on the design, and the price difference varies according to the size.
Ecozen Card

This is an eco-friendly card that significantly reduces carbon emissions (Co2) compared to conventional plastics, and is a card for nature that acquired the first eco-friendly certification mark in Korea.

  • 01It has superior durability compared to the PVC and does not cause whitening when embossed.
  • 02It makes it possible to realize vivid colors compared to the PVC.
PVC Card

It is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and has excellent durability and flexibility.

It is a lightweight, excellent finish, high quality and cost-effective product.

  • 01It is manufactured by printing on a thin transparent film and then combining the printed surface with a PVC card.