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Kona authentication service is a service that combines PKI technology
with secure elements to authenticate objects or people.

  • TSM(Trusted Service Manager)

    TSM is a system that manages service providers (SP) and mobile network operators (MNO) to provide security services consistently and stably to end-users.

  • PKI System

    It is an IC chip-based PKI certificate issuance/management system.

  • Security Token

    It is a device that has a physical and logically secure user authentication information, encryption keys, and algorithms.

Authentication Service Diagram

TSM(Trusted Service Manager)

The service provider (SP) and mobile network operator (MNO) can either build TSM systems directly, or delegate service provision rights to TSM operators to provide NFC services to users.

The KONA TSM solution is based on global standards, enabling stable system construction in a short period of time. And it is a solution that can manage all SE (UICC, embedded SE, micro SD, IC Card, etc.).

Main function
  • It identifies the end users who want to use the service through secure element management.
  • It performs the service provision/manage function.
  • It enhances security through the creation and management capabilities for the secure domain (SD) inside the SE.
  • It supports downloading NFC services that end users can trust.
TSM system specification
Category Minimum Recommend
CPU Window 7 Enterprise Window 7 Enterprise
Memory 8GB 16GB
Disk Configuration RAID 1 for OS and applications(2disks) RAID5 for SQL database log and data files(4disk)
Database MySQL5.6
Disk Space 1TB X 2 1TB X 2
TSM system operating environment
Category Minimum Recommend
OS Window 7 Enterprise Editions Linux
Ubuntu 13.04 (Kenel3. *version)
Window 7 Enterprise Editions Windows Server
2012 Standard Linux Ubuntu 13.04(Kenel3. *version)
WRS Apache Tomcat 7.0 Apache Tomcat 7.0
Runtime Environment JDK1.6 JDK1.6
DB Oracle 11G Oracle 11G
HSM SafeNet Eracom PL600 SafeNet Eracom PL600
Web Browser Chrome/Internet Explore 8 or higher Chrome/Internet Explore 11 or higher
PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)

With PKI, which is based on ID identification solutions, you can purchase Java card applets, PKCS Microsoft CSP middleware, certificate management tools, etc. in an all-in-one package and customize to meet customer needs.

Product concept diagram
Security token

It is a secondary authentication solution, complies with FIDO standard technology, and is safe and convenient in various environments such as mobile and PC.


When logging in to an existing ID/PW online service,
you can easily and quickly complete the authentication by simply touching the buttons
on the USB dongle or tapping the device through the NFC by applying a technology that provides strong security
by adding authentication means after inputting the ID/PW.

Features of FIDO U2F
  • Strong Security

    Due to the characteristics of
    U2F with PKI and SE application,
    it completely protects
    the personal key
    from phishing or intermediate attacks.

  • Multitasking

    You can use multiple sites
    and services simultaneously
    with a single device.

  • Excellent Scalability

    It supports contactless interface
    and can be used
    on PC and mobile.

  • Enhanced Practicality

    It can be used in various ways
    in addition to authentication through basic USB type,
    card, band, smart watch, etc.

FIDO fingerprint card

It is equipped with FIDO2-based biometric authentication solution
that allows login and payment through fingerprint recognition without password input in PC/web browser,
and provides strong security and excellent scalability.
It encrypts and stores fingerprint information on the semiconductor chip on the card,
so that the password is replaced by fingerprint authentication even on devices without fingerprint recognition sensors.
And it can be used more conveniently and safely because you can log
in with a single login from websites
and mobile apps that support the FIDO protocol.

Applications for FIOD Fingerprint Card
  • Banking
    • Fast and safe identification is possible through fingerprint authentication.
    • Personal information leakage and security accidents can be prevented through the FIDO2 based security system.
    • It is possible to quickly and easily build services by providing package services such as KONA I FIDO2 server and API.
  • Government
    • It provides security and usability optimized for public services.
    • You can quickly and safely use civil service without a password or public certificate.
    • It is possible to prevent personal information leakage and forgery of civilians through a strong FIDO2 based security system.
  • Access Control
    • User authentication and full service use are possible at the same time with a single fingerprint login!
    • It is possible to effectively respond to cyber security attacks in smart work environments such as remote.
    • It can be used in various ways such as employee card, pass, online lecture identification, etc.
Main Features of FIDO Fingerprint Card
  • FIDO2 Security Certification

    It provides strong security based on FIDO2 biometric authentication.

  • Excellent Scalability

    It can be used in various usage environments such as mobile/web browser/PC.

  • Remarkable Convenience

    It is convenient to use without any burden of changing or managing passwords.

  • Strong Security

    It encrypts and stores personal information, and protects you from security attacks.


KONA FIDO2 BIOPASS is the same size as a credit card, so its portability is enhanced and convenience is maximized
by supporting various communication methods such as USB, NFC, Bluetooth and so on.



    It is connected via USB by inserting the card into the cradle
    that comes with it.


    It can use NFC communication through a card reader.
    It will work by connecting the card reader to the computer
    and taping the card to the reader.


    BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

    It can be used through a Bluetooth connection between the card and computer. It is easy to use because it does not require any other physical device.