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KONA I manufactures a variety of security-enhanced electronic cards,
including biometric authentication.

Fingerprint card

The fingerprint card has a built-in fingerprint recognition device and is a card that identifies the fingerprint of the cardholder. It is widely applicable to areas that require authentication and security, such as security, finance, and ID cards.

It allows both contact and non-contact payment, quick and convenient payment without requiring a separate password input or signature, and is free from payment infrastructure as it is compatible with existing IC chip payment terminals.

  • Standard
    • Global Platform 2.2.1 or 2.1.1
    • JavaCard 3.0.4
  • Security
    • PKI coprocessor for RSA
    • 3DES, AES, HASH ( Data Encryption Standard, Triple DES, SEED )
  • ISO
    • 7810, 7816, 14443
Applications for Fingerprint Card
  • Payment
    • Fast payment without PIN
    • Convenient payment with no limit on transaction amount
    • Safer payment with fingerprint recognition
    • Excellent versatility by using the existing card terminal
    • Use without worrying about battery life
  • Government
    • Fingerprint recognition modules are installed in electronic ID card to ensure stability in lost.
    • Reduced illegal use of subsidies, welfare cards, etc.
    • Instant identity verification online and offline simultaneously
    • Use of existing terminal infrastructure -> Reduction of facility investment costs
  • Access Control
    • Thorough user authentication through double authentication
    • High convenience as no password input required
    • Various applications for company, house, building access card, etc.
    • Compatible with existing infrastructure
    • No battery charging required due to energy harvesting function
Main Functions of Fingerprint Card
  • Access Control

    Safe and convenient user authentication anytime and anywhere

  • Multi-Finger

    Multiple fingerprint information storage

  • E-Paper Display

    Status can be checked immediately by applying a display

  • Membership

    Strong user authentication function

  • E-Payment

    Safe electronic payment experience

  • Various SE chip Applied

    Enhanced security with the latest security technology chips

  • Rechargeable Battery

    Built-in rechargeable paper battery
    * Battery model

  • Energy Harvest

    Power is supplied through an external terminal without its own battery
    * Harvest model

  • IT access, PC log-on

    Integrated online and offline login function

  • ID 1 Type Form factor

    High user convenience with card type form factor

Display OTP / Dynamic CVV card

Card-type Display OTP is a first-class security medium for financial transactions and identity certification for businesses, individuals, etc., and supplies a variety of products according to the authentication method (time synchronization type, event synchronization type) and button type (1button, 13button). Financial and identity authentication functions can be used simultaneously with IC chips equipped with financial functions.

For Dynamic CVV cards, the card verification value (CVV) is changed every hour, making it safe for security accidents such as card duplication and forgery during online transactions.

  • Algorithm
    • OATH RFC-6238
    • SHA-256 applied
  • Size
    • Id-1 Type
    • 0.84mm thickness
  • Power
    • 15mAh paper battery
Display OTP / Dynamic CVV카드 종류
1 Button OTP
  • Time synchronization
  • OTP card
1 Button OTP + (Combi)SE
  • Time synchronization
  • OTP card + Payment + ID card
13 Button OTP + (Combi)SE
  • Time synchronization / Time – Response method
  • OTP with password input + Payment
Dynamic CVV Card
  • Time synchronization
  • Debit card / Credit card
Smart card key

It is a light, slim card-shaped smart card key that can be carried in a wallet. You can use functions such as door lock/unlock, trunk opening, etc., even if you do not directly tag the card key and have it with you.

It also has a built-in rechargeable secondary battery that can be easily charged on a wireless charging pad in the vehicle, which improves the inconvenience of battery replacement, and can check whether the battery is fully charged at a glance by applying LED in the card key. It has excellent durability and heat resistance and can be used safely.

Main Features of Smart Card Key
  • Outstanding portability

    Unlike existing smart keys, it is made in a light and slim card shape, so you can carry it easily.

  • Built-in rechargeable battery

    A rechargeable secondary battery is applied, allowing easy charging through the in-vehicle wireless charging pad.

  • Touchless

    Unlike the NFC card key, it is convenient to operate the function without tagging the card key directly.

  • Excellent durability and heat resistance

    It is safe to use in high temperature environments due to strong heat resistance, and is also durable for external shocks or scratches.


It is a card-type ‘Hardware Wallet' and is a product solution that allows safe and convenient storage and transaction of cryptocurrency through fingerprint authentication.

You can manage various cryptocurrencies with one card, and you can easily manage assets by checking cryptocurrency transactions and portfolios through mobile apps.

It is equipped with IC chips with international security CC EAL6 + certification to provide the highest level of security performance, and it is possible to manage cryptocurrency more safely through strong user authentication such as fingerprint authentication or PIN input.

It is designed to be the same size and thickness as a credit card, making it easy to carry in your wallet in everyday life, and it is easy to charge anytime and anywhere through built-in battery charging cradles.

Features of CryptoKona
  • Excellent Compatibility

    It supports a variety of bitcoin standards. (BIP32,38, 39, 43, 44)

  • Safe Keeping

    It prevents external leakage by performing key generation and recovery only within the card.

  • Strong Security

    It encrypts key data through the App and the creation of Secure Channel (ECDH key exchange).

  • Enhanced Security Authentication

    Enhanced user authentication through FIDO-based fingerprint authentication.

  • Easy to Carry

    It maximizes portability by providing the same design as credit cards.

  • Efficient Integrated Management

    Convenient asset management through the mobile app.

CryptoKona Wallet Management App
  • It is a mobile-based CryptoKona integrated management program that provides a solution that enables efficient management of cryptocurrency assets.
  • It supports a variety of convenient functions such as quick and easy deposit and withdrawal, portfolio confirmation, and more.
Supported cryptocurrencies
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • ERC 20 Token
CryptoKona Card Charging Cradle
  • The built-in battery allows charging anywhere with the CryptoKona card battery charging cradle.
  • It provides a quick charge, which allows full charging in an hour.
All-in-one banking card

All-in-one banking card is a card that can use both multiple card products and additional services with one card. Financial companies can reduce card issuance costs, and users have the advantage of getting the desired benefits without having to have multiple cards.

It is the same size as the existing credit card, so it is easy to carry, and the token method of encrypting card information is applied, so it can not be used by others when lost.