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Together with its affiliates Kona m and Kona c, Kona I manufactures a multiple models
of electronic cards with higher security.

Kona I made a technical breakthrough to load electronic circuit, battery, modules,
and display all onto a single card – the same size and durability as an existing card.
  • Finger Print Card

    A fingerprint card authenticates a card holder via a fingerprint. The embedded sensor in the card recognizes card holder’s biometric data.Use cases are found in security, financial, ID sectors where authentication and security are needed at the same time.

Standard Specification

  • Global Platform 2.2.1 or 2.1.1
  • JAVA Card 3.0.4 or 2.2.1


  • PKI vja coprocessor for RSA
  • DES
    ( Data Encryption Standard,
    Triple DES, SEED )


  • 7810, 7816, 14443

Biometric Card Main Functions


  • Display OTP / Dynamic CVV Card

    Display OTP or One Time Password is generated as a means of authentication. Password is dynamic and random, not static. Kona I owns both OTP card products and OTP server. An OTP card is used in payments, transportation, and ID while the server enables multi-OTP authentication. CVV is three or four digits printed on the back of a card. A CVV card generates random numbers on an hourly basis, so it is particularly helpful to prevent card frauds stemming from identity thefts that usually happen during non-face-to-face transactions such as online payments.


  • OTP : OATH RFC-6238
  • HASH : SHA-256


  • OTP : Id-1 Type
  • CVV : 0.84mm


  • OTP : 15mAh
  • CVV : 3V DC15mA

Display OTP / Dynamic CVV Card Type

  • Button OTP

    1 Button OTP

    • Time Sync
    • Display OTP Card
  • Button OTP + (Combi)SE

    1 Button OTP + (Combi)SE

    • Time Sync
    • OTP + banking + transit
    • ID card
  • 13 Button OTP + (Combi)SE

    13 Button OTP + (Combi)SE

    • Time sync / Challenge Response
    • OTP/PIN entering OTP + banking
  • Dynamic CVV Card

    Dynamic CVV Card

    • Time Sync
    • Check Card / Credit Card


  • Special Material Card

    Kona I supplies smart cards of the greatest quality to domestic and international banks as well as government agencies. Through high-quality products to which customized consulting suitable for various purposes such as payment, transportation and public services as well as card designs of various materials including metal, jewelry, mother-of-pearl and natural wood are applied, we have earned the trust of global corporations and organizations.

Representative Special Meaterial Card 4Type

  • metal

    Metal Card

    • Through the technology of processing various metal including Stainless Steel, Super Titanium and Scandium, we have overcome the limitations in materials, weight, color and design of smart cards.
    • Not only we abide by the specification and durability standards of cards, but we also added a sense of appeal that grabs our customers’ attention.
  • shell

    Jewelry Card

    • A card on which jewels are inserted on the surface, it is one that has truly elevated the class of cards.
    • By applying a special insertion method developed by Kona I, the cards have not only secured durability but also achieved exquisite design.
  • leather

    Leather Card

    • It is a card that has achieved a visual and tactile feel by printing natural leather patterns on the card’s design and applying a special coating material on the surface.
    • It is being exclusively manufactured in Korea based on Kona I’s independent technology and is popular even around the globe as it can achieve high quality with relatively inexpensive cost.
  • tree02

    Wood Card

    • It is a card that exudes a texture innate to natural wood by thinly processing Finnish birch, which has been certified by FSC COC, and applying it to the card.
    • It is the first product launched at Kona I, securing international environmental certification, and receiving constant attention at home and abroad.