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Based on blockchain technology, it protects the personal information of
the user, so that the user can freely express his/her opinions.
Transparency and security of results are guaranteed through
the application of decentralized applications.

Features of Voting · Survey & Poll Service

  • Impossible to Forge and Alter It is based on a blockchain,
    and the results cannot be
  • Data Confidentiality It is based on decentralized
    applications and protects
    users' privacy.
  • Transparency The results are transparently
    disclosed to all.
  • Reward Participants can receive
    appropriate compensation.
  • Convenience Anyone can create voting agenda
    & evaluation and freely express
    their opinions.
  • High Reward Utilization Users can freely use
    the rewards they receive through
    the KONA platform.

The results are recorded using blockchain technology,
and appropriate rewards are given for the results of the recording.