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KonaChain is an enterprise blockchain platform solution
based on Hyperledger Fabric that can flexibly respond to
various requirements of companies.

KonaChain offers satisfactory blockchain-based
services through a variety of types of services.

It is a service-type blockchain (BaaS) service
that supports building and operating a blockchain network.

The KonaChain BaaS service is based on The Linux Foundation's Hyperledger Fabric, and offers a platform
that allows customers to easily and quickly apply their desired blockchain functions.
This is a cloud-based service-type blockchain platform.
When the initial node construction cost for blockchain is burdensome,
when a lot of time is spent on developing smart contracts, or when the developed platform lacks external reliability,
the introduction of the KonaChain platform (BaaS) service will solve these issues.

  • Automatic blockchain network
    construction is possible without any
    special knowledge.
    Cloud-based rapid construction and
    efficient resource management
    Hyperledger Fabric blockchain
    engine selected

  • Business customized KonaChain API is
    provided for rapid blockchain
    service development.
    An integrated development
    environment is provided for
    the automatic deployment and
    service of the developed smart

  • The reward history is recorded
    through the blockchain,
    and the reward received can be
    conveniently used as cash through
    the payment platform owned
    by KONA I platform.

Customers can quickly and easily provide distributed application services
by utilizing KonaChain BaaS service

KonaChain platform consists of Service, Middleware, Common Core, Blockchain Core, and Infra areas.